Structural engineers Hydrock helps adapt Dutch EV charging station designs to UK market

Photo courtesy of Fastned

UK wide structural engineering company Hydrock, which has offices across the UK including in Gloucester and two in Bristol,  has been appointed by Fastned to adapt its unique rapid charging Electric Vehicle (EV) station design to UK regulations and ensure that the network can be rolled out across the UK.

Fastned currently owns and operates a network of over 130 EV charging stations in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the UK. Hydrock engineers have been working with the technical design team in the Netherlands to produce reports and model designs that can be rolled out across the UK.

Above ground, the charging station is a modular timber structure with a solar canopy designed to fit up to four vehicles for around 15 minutes per charge.

This will be their standard solution which will then receive sub-structure modifications depending on the exact geotechnical parameters of each site.

To date Hydrock has produced information for five sites in the north east around Newcastle and Sunderland.

Jason Walker, Technical Director for structural engineering at Hydrock, said: “As the UK collectively moves towards its sustainability goals, we’re excited to embrace the challenges of such an innovative project. Hydrock is looking forward to supporting Fastned in realising their goal of creating a UK-wide EV rapid charging network.”