Stroud’s Artisan Baker creates wasteless loaf

Artisan Baker

Ori Hellerstein and his team at the Artisan Baker have created a wasteless sourdough loaf, using the wastage leftover from their daily baking.

The new wasteless recipe allows Ori to practice conscious baking by minimising the amount of waste produced at his Bakery and turning it into something unique.

The process repurposes surplus bread left over from the day before – it is cut, dried out and milled back together in flour to be made into a dough. The dough is proved overnight and baked the following morning.

As well as creating something really special and undoubtedly tasty, the team at the Artisan Baker have shown their commitment to reducing the amount of food wastage in the business by introducing this new baking technique.

The new Bakery has been beautifully designed to include an open plan kitchen and workspace, so shoppers can see their freshly baked goods being hand crafted on site every day.

The Artisan Baker is an organic bakery serving up a range of speciality bread, pastries, brownies and muffins along with organically grown coffee from Ritual coffee. They also support other local producers to supply their ingredients including Shipton Mill for flour, Jess’ Ladies for milk and Global Organic for fruit and veg

The organic wasteless loaf is available from the Artisan Baker at the Five Valleys Market on Friday’s and Saturday’s.

Ori said: “Our wasteless sourdough recipe has produced incredible results, I’m really proud to have created something which minimises our food wastage and contributes towards our conscious way of baking – plus it is really delicious!”

The Artisan Baker is open Monday – Saturday 10am-5pm at the Five Valleys Market. A range of their products are also available to buy online via Goody Sixty

Picture shows Julia, one of the Artisan Baker team members.