Strictly Worcestershire meet the contestants – Jess Antley & Stuart Wilkes

Pictured: Jess Antley & Stuart Wilke
Jessica Antley and Stuart Wilkes preferred photo

Jess and Stu are genuine Worcestershire people, having both lived in the county for most of their lives. They became friends a few years ago when they started working on a Worcestershire County Council initiative to promote and encourage innovation within the local business community called WINN.

The opportunity to raise funds for mental health charities across the county, a cause that means a great deal to the two of them, had to be taken up. They are so proud that on their journey towards Strictly they are raising funds for the Worcester branch of Samaritans, a charity that Stu has had a personal connection with since 2015.

Working as a senior project manager at the county council, Jess is intimately connected to how Worcestershire is evolving as a wonderful county to live and work in whereas Stu travels the county working as a technology writer for a major IT company. Neither are natural training grounds for dancing, but their respective work colleagues and all their friends and family couldn’t be more supportive of them taking part in Strictly.

Jess lives in Worcester with her husband and daughter, with Stu not too far away in Malvern, where he lives with his son.

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