Strictly Worcestershire meet the contestants – Chris & Matleena Haywood

Pictured: Chris & Matleena Haywood
Chris and Matleena Haywood

We are part of the family behind Worcestershire’s very own vineyard and wine producer Astley Vineyard and we are thrilled to be participating in this year’s Strictly Worcestershire.

Learning to dance has been a fantastic experience for both of us and so much fun. We met working in the music industry many years ago so rhythm is in our blood. Matleena has taken to learning the moves extremely quickly as she used to be a professional cheerleading coach and is also a keen CrossFit’er. She’s SO much stronger than Chris! The only advantage Chris has is that he’s rather tall! (Which does have its benefits, we suppose!)

Our chosen charity is Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter. We are surrounded by wildlife here at the vineyard, and we have always appreciated and enjoyed our time in nature. We have practically inherited a family of nine pheasants who live on our estate, plus the previous owner of the vineyard made us adopt his cat as part of the deal. Nelson knows a thing or two about wine.

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