Storm Internet’s Intelligent Hosting Security Centre is live

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STORM Security

A new look Intelligent Hosting Security Centre is now live and ready to start protecting your sites, servers and apps, whether you host with Storm or not.

With new features that continuously evolve to tackle the latest digital threats, we estimate that our Intelligent Hosting Security Centre could save you up to £860/month versus consultant or DIY costs.

Storm’s Intelligent Hosting Security Centre delivers:

  • Painless hosting security
  • Unparalleled uptime management
  • Disaster recovery
  • and GDPR compliance

… for ALL your sites, servers, and hosted apps.

Add any of your sites now and benefit from:

  • Instant stress-test scoringof your site or server’s security, continuity, performance, and disaster recovery strength
  • Protection against hacks, defacements, data breaches and ransomware in just a few clicks
  • Simplified ICO and GDPR data security compliance, with a complete PDF audit trail of site security history
  • Proactive threat alertsand configuration notifications
  • Centralised accessto critical security features
  • Fully-managed disaster recovery –restore any file, site, or server from a daily, weekly, or monthly backup*

The Storm Security Centre also includes:

Custom Escalation Procedures (CEP)

Tell our 24/7 support team what to do when your hosted app, site, server or port deviates from optimal operation*


Boost website speeds by up to 200% for static and dynamic content

*Storm server customers only

With the Storm Security Centre we’re doing all the heavy lifting and painstaking research to help lighten your load. The technology behind the security centre is automatically updated to help you stay ahead in a changing digital landscape.

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