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Promotional Business Feature: The South West Cyber Resilience Centre (SWCRC)
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Although cyber crime is a growing threat, many small businesses see it as being a complicated or expensive risk to manage. And without the right help, that’s quite possibly true.

The South West Cyber Resilience Centre is a new not-for-profit, police-led venture which bridges the gap, and helps businesses and charities in the area to avoid the average loss of over £3,000 suffered by businesses taking a financial hit from cyber attack.  The South West Cyber Resilience Centre explains more detail what they provide as part of their free membership offer.

The South West Cyber Resilience Centre covers the Isles of Scilly up to the edges of Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Dorset, and all points in between. It is focused on protecting the regional economy by getting simple, common sense guidance out there.

Those signing up on the company website at receive a welcome pack which walks them through some really practical cybersecurity basics: not about how to make complex technical changes, but about what a good password looks like, things to consider when backing up your data, how to keep your mobile devices safe, and the signs of a suspicious email which you might want to avoid.

After this, they get in touch to make sure that everything makes sense, and every month they provide you with an electronic update on new guidance, new tips, and new scams. They’ll also run periodic webinars to guide you through areas of interest.  In short, they help you to become safer, and stay safer. At zero cost.

The South West Cyber Resilience Centre (SWCRC) is an innovative partnership between police, private sector and academia to help regional businesses and charities protect themselves against cybercrime.

Led by serving police officers, the Cyber Resilience Centre doesn’t aim to make profit out of you. But it does try to make sure that you’ve got the basics you need to look after your business, and if you need more bespoke advice, they can find that for you too at inexpensive rates and through reputable providers. At heart though, their purpose is simple: to give you something for nothing, and to help you through with sound basic guidance.

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