Startup Jarvo readies itself to become UK’s largest flexible workspace platform


Reading-based tech startup Jarvo is readying itself to become the UK’s largest flexible workspace platform with ambitious growth plans for the next 12 months, including an expansion across Europe.

With its official launch marked within the next six months, Jarvo is set to disrupt the UK office space with a distributed network of flexible and diverse workspaces across the UK, spanning residential workspaces, cafes, co-working spaces, unused offices, and public realm.

The trailblazer has already set targets of signing up more than 20,000 workspaces in the next 12 months.

The platform will be the first of its kind to offer out private spaces such as residential workspaces, and will turn unused spaces, such as galleries or theatres, as a new place for its users to work.

The diversity of the spaces registered on the platform means it lends itself to working in any region, as it doesn’t rely on flexible office space alone, usually found in large city centres.

With more than 3,500 people already on the waiting list for launch, and 5,000+ partnerships formed, including co-working spaces such as Huckletree and TOG, Jarvo is already in negotiations with investors to elevate its position in the market ahead of expansion in Europe.

Planning to accelerate the world’s transition to remote work, Jarvo will market unused spaces such as theatres, galleries, residential properties and unused office spaces to offer flexible work-ready spaces, free from distractions and always close to home.

Workspaces can be booked on demand, with daily bookings available, flexible terms and rates to suit every budget. People can book a workspace in less than 60 seconds, with crypto payments accepted via Coinbase, as well as credit or debit cards.

Jarvo also has plans to introduce a 3D immersive communication tool that helps organisations connect, collaborate and co-create in real time within the metaverse.

Founded at the height of the pandemic, in 2021, after CEO Daniel Hillman’s frustration at a lack of flexible workspaces outside of big city centres, Jarvo is evolving the future of remote work with a sustainable solution for the global workforce.

“Jarvo has been eight months of hard work and dedication to get the platform off the ground and I’m looking forward to embarking on our ambitious growth journey,” he said.

“What started out as a solution to my own problem, as a consumer with no access to a flexible workspace close to my home, has since spiralled into an exciting opportunity to revolutionise the entire sector with a trusted, sustainable, and community-driven platform.

“One of my aims with Jarvo is to ensure everyone is free from those lengthy commutes with access to a workspace that’s just a 15 minute walk or cycle from their own homes.

“We’ve already seen a huge shift towards remote work and our vision going forward is to create a way of working that is decentralised, diverse and truly sustainable.”