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Are you seeking a different perspective for your growing business? How you make the next move is not always clear – something which Tim Ward, Head of Corporate at HCR’s Cheltenham office, will discuss with panellists as part of the Cyber Conference.

With just weeks to go until HCR’s largest virtual event yet, here is another exclusive insight into one of the 25 bookable sessions available from 21-23 September.

Session: David v Goliath – selling out, partnering, or carrying on – what’s next?

22 September, 2pm – 4pm

All businesses have a life journey. Owners will have invested a huge amount of time and energy in their businesses and in many cases, have a legacy which they want to protect and continue. But what happens when you want to shift the business’ vision?

Tim Ward and panellists will focus on companies that have been formed and grown into well-established businesses, managed, and owned by the same founders that set them up, either in totality or majority. They may have accepted some third-party investment, but this will have come from individual business angels (probably under EIS) and not an institution.

It is also at this point where many owners will want to seek a totally different perspective. They may have a younger management team on whom they rely, who are also unwilling to continue as mere employees and are pushing for an opportunity to develop and grow the business. Or, they may have health issues and therefore want to de-risk themselves and/or extract some cash.

Ultimately, the status quo is not sustainable and something needs to change; what that might be is not clear – it could be that the business has outgrown them and their skill set.

Something needs to happen, and so the business faces a ‘David v Goliath’ scenario where there are two fundamental options:

  1. Does it continue as it is, with perhaps some minor tweaks and planning for the longer term, but in essence remaining the same operation under the same management and ownership structure.
  2. Or is it the “big bang” – fundamental ownership and control changes, either in whole or in part. The founder’s role is different, but by this stage they will have extracted some value out of the business.

Tim will be joined by three contributors who all have a role to play in supporting business owners in making decisions like:

  • What are the options available to an owner?
  • What are the ‘must-haves’ and most importantly, the ‘definitely-nots’
  • What makes a successful transaction?

Also joining the panel will be a former cyber business owner who has been through the process and emerged out of the other side, to share their experience and insight.

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