South West Manufacturing Service helping companies to manufacture ventilators


Manufacturing Specialists SWMAS is working with manufacturers across the South West to support the production of thousands of respirators needed to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

The NHS currently has access to around 6,000 ventilators across the UK, but many more than this will be required to cope with the effects of the Covid-19 crisis over the coming months. SWMAS is  supporting regional businesses which may be able to switch their production lines to help reduce the shortfall.

“We have used our collective knowledge to identify a number of South West-based businesses with the specialist skills needed to manufacture ventilators, or provide component parts,” says SWMAS Director Nick Golding. “As a solution to this urgent requirement, we can work with these companies to help them increase their production capacity without the need to invest heavily.”

SWMAS are also offering support to manufacturing companies across a range of issues to help them navigate the current economic turbulence.

“We can offer relevant support to UK SME manufacturers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. From outlining government support provisions, to practical advice on maintaining productivity with reduced resources, SWMAS has the manufacturing expertise and industry experience to help guide businesses through the coming months.”

“If you would like our help with a particular issue or concern, please ask. Your input will help to inform our specialists so they can offer South-West based SME manufacturers the specific support they need in these unprecedented times.”