Solar powered road stud lights the way to Safer Highways

SCIENCE&TECH Solar Light Clearview (Medium)

An innovative solar powered road stud which offers drivers 10 times greater visibility of the road ahead than traditional ‘cat’s eyes’ has been unveiled by Clearview Intelligence, highway technology experts.

Designed to reduce night time road accidents by over 70%1, the new SolarLite 2 intelligent road stud provides improved guidance and hazard warning to drivers during the hours of darkness, even in poor weather conditions. The SolarLite 2 provides up to 900 metres of visibility of the road ahead, using superior solar powered high intensity LEDs which, unlike conventional reflective road studs, do not rely on vehicle headlight efficiency to perform effectively.

The result of a £4million Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI) government grant awarded in 2014, SolarLite 2 is the latest intelligent solar-powered road stud from market leaders Clearview Intelligence. The Bicester-based company has developed SolarLite 2 in partnership with two other British businesses – Zeta Specialist Lighting Ltd, which is also based at Bicester and AEV Ltd of Birkenhead. It is part of an initiative to relocate manufacturing from overseas to Britain, which has led to over 20 new jobs being created and dozens more being safeguarded.
“I’m a passionate believer in the contribution that our intelligent road stud technology can make to road safety. It was and still is a big part of why I invested in the company and I’m delighted to announce the launch of the SolarLite 2,” commented Sir John Madejski, Chairman of Clearview Intelligence.