So, What exactly is leasing?

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Lease or Buy

A “lease” (also known as Contract Hire) gives you the ability to drive a brand-new vehicle over a set period of time, and pay monthly for it – think of this like renting it long term. When you are finished, you hand it back, and we replace it with a new vehicle of your choice. When you choose your next one, your needs or usage requirements may have changed, so we always talk about this when it’s time to renew.

This is a new concept to a lot of drivers, because many people would have traditionally bought their vehicle by using savings, or used other forms of finance, such as hire purchase. You would often be stuck with high depreciation, unknown maintenance, repair, and running costs, let alone having to spend a lot of time trawling around showrooms, finding the best deal, and of course dealing with car salesmen! Leasing is a simpler, cheaper alternative, and a more modern approach to motoring.

With leasing most elements are pre-set, so you can generally determine exactly how much you’re going to spend before you even receive the vehicle, and budget accordingly. Your payments are based on how many miles you do, the vehicle you choose, and the level of included maintenance you require. From us, you will always receive a full manufacturer’s warranty, road tax, and breakdown cover, and we can include all of your service, tyre, and maintenance costs if you prefer.

All of our packages are tailored to suit you. From choosing the car, the budget, the package, and the paperwork, we look after all of this for you. We even deliver your new car to you free of charge, and arrange collection when you are finished. You don’t even need to leave the house.

I hope you found this useful, I’m David Middleton from The Vehicle Network, your next vehicle made simple.

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David Middleton

Pictured: David Middleton