Skilling up the workforce to drive productivity

If a company has a promising person in their HR, IT, finance or administrative teams, Gloucestershire College can offer training up to Level 5 (the equivalent of completing the first year of a degree course) in accountancy, law, IT and HR.

“It’s real training to achieve recognised national and professional qualifications, which will help people get on in their jobs,”

said Andy.

Larger companies can pay for this training through their apprenticeship levy. While employers with an annual wage bill of over £3 million pay the levy, those SMEs with a lower wage bill will only pay 10% of the cost of apprenticeship training.

“Most small and medium sized companies don’t realise this,”

adds Andy.

He cites Gloucestershire College’s Leadership and Management Courses, accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

“Level 3 is a 12-month course containing a number of modules, from communication skills to critical thinking, strategy and vision. The course is a mix of masterclasses and online study. At the end of the course, the student will have the option of progressing to Level 5 and achieve the level of a chartered manager. A course such as this can cost up to £5,000. An SME business not paying the apprenticeship levy will only pay £500, which most will consider a direct investment in the business.”

What’s great about this new in-work support is that those who entered the workforce at 16 or 18, and didn’t go to university because they couldn’t afford it, or didn’t know what to study, now have the opportunity to kick start their career while they’re working.

“It’s a win-win-win for the employee, their employer – and ultimately for UK productivity,”

said Andy.