Shaun the Sheep to feature in UK’s first “video stamp”

Aardman Royal Mail

Bristol-based Aardman has produced an exclusive animation featuring Shaun the Sheep for the Royal Mail‘s first ever video stamp.

Following a successful national trial, the Royal Mail has today announced that it is adding unique barcodes to all of its Definitive stamps.

Recipients of mail featuring a barcoded stamp can watch the 30 second video of Shaun and the Flock, directed by Aardman’s Steve Harding-Hill, by scanning the stamp in the Royal Mail app.

The Royal Mail’s new barcoded stamps enable the public to watch and share an exclusive Shaun the Sheep video via the barcode itself using the Royal Mail App. The recipient can then watch the video just by scanning the stamp barcode using the App — giving that someone special something extra to smile about.

The first of these videos is of Shaun the Sheep. This video features Shaun and his flock in a mischievous and amusing short encounter with Rita, a hard working Royal Mail postie, who senses tomfoolery is afoot from our four-legged friends.