Severn Drives & Energy working with global tech company on battery storage

Severn Drives and Energy

Severn Drives & Energy, part of Gloucester-based Severn Glocon, is working with a leading global technology developer to introduce to the market cost-effective vanadium flow battery storage, to drive a clean energy future for the world.

Solar and wind power installations are delivering  low cost of generation in many parts of the world, and Severn Drives & Energy’s long-duration, deep-discharge, long-life batteries are a highly effective way to integrate such variable renewable energy sources onto the grid. And it says that unlike other batteries, its systems are safe, reliable, and recyclable.

Vanadium flow batteries have a proven life of at least 25 years without degradation in the battery. Annual maintenance is low, and the vanadium electrolyte, which is 40-60% of battery cost, retains its value at end-of life.

These batteries can also be discharged over an almost unlimited number of charge and discharge cycles without wearing out. This is an important factor when matching the daily demands of utility-scale solar and wind power generation.

The company says that Lithium-based batteries have inherently shorter lifetimes and are not well suited for longer duration storage (4+ hours). Vanadium outperforms lithium on depth-of-discharge (DoD), cycle life, and end of life value (lithium carries a disposal cost).

Severn Drives & Energy aims to deliver products to support industries’ energy requirements to help them overcome the current challenges they face.