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A refreshing approach to building a new website…

Websites should be designed to attract new customers, but too many businesses prioritise leading edge design and content over purpose.   SEO Led Web Design is a method of designing and developing websites to make them more search engine friendly, so you can attract new customers on a 24/7 basis.

Headquartered in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire Revvd, digital marketing look at why most websites fail to attract visitors…

A good percentage of the blame lies with developers and creative agencies who fail to factor in SEO, but a client whose “vision” overrides an SEO friendly design, can be equally culpable.

How to do it right

Google constantly fights to remain its position as the No. 1 search engine in the world and therefore continues to understand and penalise any sleight of hand.  Gone are the days of keyword spamming, link farms and cloaking.  Google must continue to present the most relevant and informative pages matched to the search, or everyone could start using Bing instead.

In a way, this makes it a lot easier to build a website that will attract customers.  Any business with investment and commitment, access to the correct expertise and a willingness to persevere can outperform the competition.

Keyword research

Researching the most popular search terms (keywords) for your products can often bring about some surprising results.  It is very common for businesses to talk in their own terms and use acronyms that their customers have no idea about.  For example – Business Connectivity vs. Business Broadband, where the difference is 30 or 5,400 searches per month.  Once you have established all the relevant keywords, you need to use them throughout the web including tweets, posts and when replying to reviews.

Site architecture

This is important, both for visitors to be able to navigate around your site and for search engine ‘crawlers’ to understand the products that you offer.  Grouping sections of your website logically will also help when placing new content and deciding where content may be lacking.  If you have a modern website with great content that is failing to grab traffic, the architecture is often the primary cause.


“Content is King” is a phrase that has been around for a long time, but it still holds true today.  Content includes narrative, images, videos, infographics; even tables and lists can be important to break up information into readable sections.  Google indexes pages, not websites, so you should design high-quality, unique content that visitors find interesting and answers likely questions, while being both logical and easy to read.

Designing for growth

When a new website is launched, there is often a sense of relief at a job completed and an incorrect perception that it can be left alone, until the next time.   In reality, websites need to be constantly reviewed and refreshed with additional content.  Adopting a well-designed website architecture provides the advantage of an intuitive landscape for updating and creating fresh blog posts.   Not forgetting that social media channels crave fresh content too, which is why blog posts are an important doorway into your site.

How can revvd help me?

If you have a project in mind, or have created a website that is not attracting visitors, then why not contact us.  You could choose to join one of our SEO surgeries, which are held every month.  These are private, one-to-one sessions to talk about your website and propose some real actions to make improvements.  It is not just another sales pitch, or an SEO trivia download, which then abandons you to work it all out for yourself.

SEO led website design really can make a tangible difference to the number of opportunities you create to win new business every day.  You can find out more at, or call us on 0800 304 755.

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