Self taught graphic designer from Cirencester launches gaming publishing company

Lost in Cult

A 30-year old man who left school with no GCSEs is launching an indie publishing company after teaching himself graphic design and launching a successful crowdfunding campaign to launch Lost in Cult.

Jon Doyle, aged 30, from Cirencester taught himself graphic design while working in the retail sector before moving on to become a magazine creative director.

A year ago he came up with the concept of a video game journal which was more sophisticated in terms of design and content, which would be created by passionate fans as artists and writers.

His inaugural issue is focused on the past, present and future of the PlayStation™, all whilst featuring thought-provoking and insightful content about current affairs and the wider gaming sphere. His aim is to deliver a collectible product of high quality and design.

He funded the launch through crowdfunding campaign on creative funding platform Kickstarter last March with a target of £13,000 to fund production of his first journal, “Lock-On” volume 1, which offers its readers thought-provoking stories, insightful features and carefully curated art from industry talent.

This was the second biggest crowdfunder on Kickstarter in the Cotswolds. A hardback version of the journal was available at £55 just for the duration of the campaign. The crowdfunding campaign was promoted purely on social media by leveraging the combined reach of all of the writers and artists as the journal did not have an established fan-base.

Jon’s plan is to sell via boutique/independent shops, at conventions and online at

But he’s also looking at the high street too. The business is in the process of securing new premises in Cirencester to operate from and in time Jon hopes to open an independent record store, specialising in game soundtracks in vinyl.