Scale-ups should be looking to digital technology to support their continued rapid growth.

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Paul Hills, Sales Director at the Cheltenham based technology service provider First Digital, talks about the opportunities scale-ups have taking advantage of digital technology.

In rapidly growing scale-up businesses, attention is rightly directed at customer engagement with a laser focus on its chosen market, combined with detailed management of the customers journey. Improving both market engagement and the customer journey should be where the business aligns its resources. However, managing the growing complexity of the business operations is often overlooked, often causing significant operational challenges down the line. This is where digital technology and automation can help support scale-up businesses in their continued drive for growth.

“Time and experience has taught us that the sooner these technologies are implemented the greater the impact. Taking this action when the business is still relatively young helps to support profitability through increased operational efficiency in a rapidly growing business.”

“ Maintaining attention on managing customer journeys and experiences is where we like our customers to focus. We simply take care of the technology requirements that support their growth ambitions.” Paul Hillis, Sales Director First Solution Technologies

Scale-ups need to put in the building blocks to develop an efficient operational infrastructure at this critical point in the businesses development. With the right guidance, this process can be relatively straightforward. Many technologies today are delivered on an opex basis, meaning it is possible to deliver low capital cost deployments. This removes the competitive tension with other capital projects going on within the business, making the opportunity to gain competitive advantage more straightforward than ever. Moreover, often some of the simplest of these technologies, for example Office 365, are already being paid for without being effectively utilised.

‘Taking a medium to long term view and developing an understanding of what challenges will become a barrier to growth in the future is often forgotten when a business is in scale-up mode. For example, can your current systems manage your data effectively as you grow? Will agile working be required to acquire new talent? You need a strategy in place now for these types of challenges for them to not hinder you in the future.’

First Digital have developed a unique framework called DX IQ, based on well-developed industry standards around transformation and best practice. This framework allows a business to create an operationally mature platform that can scale as the business continues to grow – without consuming scarce capital or using excessive internal management overhead.

‘In effect, DX IQ takes our customers down a well trodden path to operational maturity and effectiveness’ Says Paul Hillis.

First Digital wants to talk to scale-ups about the potential the digital landscape has to offer. Further to improving businesses backbone operational maturity, First Digital have been working with their customers to help deliver them game changing digital offerings.

“We believe that scale-ups in almost any industry have the opportunity to further disrupt their market with the intelligent deployment of digital technology. Combining a scale-ups powerful market proposition with a digital edge can often lead to a huge opportunity for competitive advantage.” Says Paul Hillis

If you are an organisation looking to grow and are interested in how technology could potentially help you scale-up then First Solution are the people to talk to. Contact Paul Hillis on 01242 335549

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