Rise in online readership of Business Innovation Magazine beats national figures

B&I website

The audience reading Business & Innovation Magazine online has risen 34 per cent since March.

These statistics are well ahead of figures published last week by PAMCo (Publishers Audience Measurement Company Ltd), which reports that daily digital national news readership has increased by 20 per cent compared to last year.

This brings the UK’s number of those reading news online to 22 million, an extra 3.7 million people.  And according to the PAMCo data, 89 per cent of readers think that reading magazines is time well spent, and 87 per cent said they trust what they read.

Business & Innovation’s success is down to our editorial team who have researched, written and published nearly 1,500 business news stories, a significant number for a regional B2B magazine news site. It has has kept everyone at the magazine incredibly busy throughout the last six months. And with so much happening and new to report on every day, they don’t expect a let-up in the near future.

Business & Innovation news stories not only appear on our website, but are shared via Twitter and LinkedIn, and also on our twice-weekly regional b2b e-newsletters, which now have more than 10,000 subscribers.

In compiling these figures, our research team looked at social media engagement. All media companies trumpet their social media follower numbers, but much more important is content interaction.

Follower counts only matter if the audience actually cares and actively consumes your content.

In June, Business & Innovation Magazine shared 293 stories on Twitter which reached 150,000 people. In July, 174 tweets reached 90,000, but in August we recorded a record 172,000 interactions against our 133 tweets.

More than 90 per cent of Business & Innovation Magagine’s LinkedIn audience reached every month is made up of senior directors, business owners and managers.

Google measures the average amount of time users spend viewing specified content pages on a website. Those visiting the Business & Innovation website spend an average of more than two minutes reading one or two stories each time they visit.

However, this isn’t about the Business & Innovation team patting ourselves on the back. It’s much more important than that.

In a time of crisis, when every networking and other social event has been cancelled – and the dreaded Zoom meetings only go so far in replacing the physical interaction that is the lifeblood of business development, what businesses need most is a trusted source of news and information.

Understanding what’s going regionally and nationally allows business owners and managers to keep things in perspective. While many are experiencing very tough times, that’s not true of all businesses or sectors. Some are thriving, even in these difficult times, others are pivoting to embrace new economic opportunities. And if your business is looking for opportunities to engage with new companies, Business & Innovation’s website is the place to find out about them.

Business & Innovation Magazine isn’t just a daily news service. Every story ever published  remains on our website, so readers can easily search and find news stories from the last four years, helping them to build a picture of the business landscape to truly understand the opportunities.

Our team also keeps their ears to the ground to discover funding opportunities for those companies seeking investment opportunities, or research and development support.

The editorial team at Business & Innovation Magazine doesn’t look at the regional business landscape through rose-tinted spectacles – but it is true that we do look at the positives. We seek the innovative, inspirational and uplifting business stories – and because business doesn’t stop at county borders, our publication is unique in revealing the regional perspective.

If you have a positive business news story about your company that you would like to share with us please email it to enquiries@nkmedia.co.uk