Revenues rise at Severn Trent water company

Severn Trent Water

Group turnover rose to £958 million for the six months to 30 September, according to Severn Trent’s interim results. This was up £71 million (eight per cent), as a result of a strong recovery in non-household consumption following the lifting of lockdown restrictions.

Liv Garfield, Chief Executive at Coventry-based Severn Trent Plc, said: “We’ve made another strong start to the year as we focus on delivering for stakeholders across our region and delivering for customers in the areas that matter most to them, all while driving the financial performance of our business.

“We’ve continued to invest significantly in our network, in our people and to support our strong commitment to the environment. Our environmental ambitions remain at the heart of our company, whether planting over a million trees, reducing our carbon emissions, or producing an extra 95 million litres of water to tackle the threat of water scarcity.

“Severn Trent should be a force for good in our region and I’m delighted our Green Recovery programme is creating valuable jobs, helping support the Government’s levelling up agenda and the broader economic recovery.”

The company said that it had made a significant investment in river quality through its WINEP scheme, with more than £500 million being invested in this AMP (AMP =  asset management plan period is a five-year time period used in the English and Welsh water industry)

The water industry national environment programme (WINEP) is the programme of work water companies in England are required to do to meet their obligations from environmental legislation and UK government policy.

The WINEP is the most important and substantial programme of environmental investment in England. For 2020 to 2025 it consists of £5.2 billion of asset improvements, investigations, monitoring and catchment interventions. It sets out how the water industry will contribute to improving the natural environment.