Relieving congestion works complete in St John’s Worcester

St John’s Worcester Cllr Amos

The extensive relieving congestion improvements in St John’s are now complete.

The works, which are part of the County Council’s Relieving Congestion Programme, have seen several key changes to reduce levels of congestion in this busy area of the city, whilst giving the area a new look and feel.

One of the main features of the improvements has been the upgrade of the traffic signals at New Rd/Tybridge Street and the introduction of a formal, two phase controlled crossing installed at the junction of The Bullring.

This signalised junction includes advanced technology to enhance movements through this junction and into the City. The new signals will regularly monitor traffic conditions and will adjust how long a particular light remains green based on the level of traffic at that time.

The area also now has two continuous lanes of traffic travelling towards the west up to the junction with Malvern Road, after removing pinch points through the area.

Alan Amos, City and County Councillor for Bedwardine and County Cabinet Member for Highways, has warmly welcomed the completion of the St. John’s Improvement Scheme.

Councillor Alan Amos, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Highways, said:  I’m delighted this major project is now up and running, delivered ahead of schedule and on budget. It has transformed the working and appearance of a large part of St. John’s by greatly improving traffic flows and by reducing congestion, delays, and air pollution. It has also significantly improved pedestrian safety with a brand new controlled crossing near the Bull Ring; and a wider and safer crossing on Henwick Road which can now accommodate wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and wide buggies; plus an enhanced crossing by the Church; as well as lovely new high-quality block-paved footways all around improving pedestrian safety and appearance.

I thank residents and businesses for their patience and forbearance whilst the construction took place, most of it done to minimize disruption during lockdowns when traffic was at its lowest, and there was access to every shop and business throughout the works. I hope people can now see how this scheme has improved this part of St. John’s.