Regional companies urged to go for Royal success

Warks Chamber

West Midlands businesses are being urged to put themselves in the national and international spotlight by applying for the ‘mother of all awards’.

The Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce hosted an event with Lord-Lieutenants in the region at Hatton House in Warwickshire to encourage more businesses to apply for the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

A range of companies attended the event, where they heard that not enough businesses in the region are entering the awards and, therefore, the whole area is missing out.

John Crabtree OBE, Lord Lieutenant of the West Midlands, said: “It is quite clear that our excellent businesses are not receiving the recognition they should.

“Across the West Midlands and Warwickshire, business organisations are combining with the two Lord-Lieutenants to ensure that the business community fully understand the commercial benefits to be gained by seeking a Queen’s Award for Enterprise, the highest accolade available for the very best businesses.”

Firms are encouraged to apply for a Queen’s Award as they are seen as the highest form of approval for the way companies go about their business.

For those who export, a Queen’s Award is renowned as being a ‘door opener’ for companies that hold the title.

Chris Robinson, Managing Director of Boost Awards – who spoke at the event, said: “Of the 3,500 awards in our database there is one award which stands head and shoulders above the rest – the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

“We refer to it within Boost Awards as “the mother of all awards” and for good reason as 201 awards were given out last year, and they are all delivering impact on sales, reputation and employee pride like no other award can.”

Ajay Desai, of the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, added: “We actively encourage our members and all other businesses we come into contact with to look into applying for a Queen’s Award.

“The application process does require time and effort but the rewards at the end can mean so much to a business.”

For more information on applying for a Queen’s Award, contact the Chamber on 024 7665 4321.

Pictured: (left to right): Chris Robinson (Boost Awards), George Marsh TD (Deputy Lieutenant), Roger Allen (Green Sheep Group Ltd), John Crabtree OBE – (Lord Lieutenant of the West Midlands), Arabella Arkwright (Hatton House), Johnnie Arkwright (Hatton House), Tim Cox (Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire), Hazel Pilling (CW Chamber), Ajay Desai (CW Chamber), Rowan Crozier (Brandauer)