Region strong as UK tech jobs bounce back after lockdown

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Over the last three months, recruitment for tech jobs has quickly recovered from the inevitable slump during lockdown.

In fact, according to Tech Nation’s new Jobs and Skills Report 2020, the number of advertised tech job vacancies increased by 36% between June and August. Only the healthcare sector recruited for more jobs in this period, suggesting that tech jobs and skills continue to be a high national priority even as recession hits.

Data analysed from job website Adzuna also found that salaries for the most in-demand digital and tech jobs increased by up to 15% between 2017 and 2019. The varying levels of salary increase reflect fluctuations in which specific skills and specialisms within tech are most highly valued. While the role of Java developer came behind software developer and engineer based on number of job vacancies, it experienced the highest salary increase (15%).

The report also revealed the significant role that the tech sector plays across the UK. Across our region the key cities of Bristol, Oxford and Reading were highlighted and performing strongly with Bristol having seen the highest salary increase across digital tech roles in 2019 from £35,520 to £40,000.

Of all job vacancies in 2019, 19% were digital and tech roles. But by looking at the proportional contribution of the tech sector by city and region, it becomes clear that the role of the tech sector is even greater outside of tech hubs like London and Manchester, which have the highest number of job openings.

In Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Reading and Belfast, jobs in the tech sector account for 23% – 26% of all vacancies.

 UK city             Job ads 2019   % dig tech jobs 2019   Ave. dig tech salary 2019

London             658,275            19%                             £55,000

Manchester      108,859            18%                             £37,500

Bristol              76,267              24%                             £40,000

Cambridge        58,678              26%                             £40,000

Leeds               56,149              22%                             £36,500

Birmingham      46,723              19%                             £40,000

Oxford              44,979              19%                             £38,000

Edinburgh         35,786              23%                             £44,938

Glasgow           33,378              22%                             £40,000

Reading            28,033              23%                             £42,500

Cardiff              23,334              21%                             £37,500

Sheffield           22,000              20%                             £32,500

Newcastle        18,501              21%                             £35,000

Belfast              13,687              26%                             £40,000

Bath                 9,680                19%                             £37,500

Digital tech is second in importance in the UK labour market in 2020 only to Healthcare. Digital tech roles have seen a 36% uptick from June to August, unlike many other sectors, like Retail, which have reached a plateau.