Reading medtech Occuity aims for £2M in crowdfunding for Alzheimers and diabetes monitoring device


A Reading-based company which wants to revolutionise the monitoring of diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimers, is seeing to raise £1,800,000 on Seedrs.

Occuity says that its patented non-contacting technology uses the eye as a window on the health of the body. By safely shining a low power beam of light into the eye, collecting and analysing the return signal its handheld devices will aim to accurately measure structures within the eye and detect changes associated with these chronic conditions.

Its technology is currently being developed into a range of handheld devices to target three distinct markets: ophthalmology, disease screening and disease monitoring – worth an estimated $35Bn/year.

Of particular interest is the growing problem of both diabetes and pre-diabetes. Globally 463 million adults have diabetes and 352 million are estimated to have pre-diabetes. Occuity’s products aim to enable earlier detection and provide a non-contacting, pain-free glucose monitor – the Occuity Indigo.

Based on its patented optical technology Occuity says its devices are being developed with the aim of being faster, easier to use and safer than existing invasive techniques.