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At RE Personnel we genuinely place enormous value on the development of every member of our staff.

We have a number of employees on apprenticeship programmes, spanning multiple areas of study including Recruitment Consultancy, Accountancy, Business Administration, Compliance and Project Management. Our robust onboarding programme for new starters provides a solid foundation upon which everyone can embark on their own career path within the business.

Lucy Dowie – Training & Onboarding Manager at RE Recruitment explains the importance of setting the right impression to those who join your organisation from the start.

Using a combination of classroom training, webinar, eLearning on-demand content and on the job training to ensure that delivery styles are varied and cater for all styles of learning, we make sure our team are given the training they need to be the best at what they do. Specialist external providers are also brought in to upskill our consultants in target areas and to make sure that our business is keeping pace with a challenging labour market.

This appetite for continued learning and development is reflected in the willingness of many of our management team to get involved with training. Members of our compliance team take turns to deliver in-depth monthly compliance courses and ensure we are keeping abreast of ever-changing employment legislation and government regulations. Representatives from our busy Finance department and social media team also act as Training Champions for these parts of the business and we are always looking to encourage others to participate in sharing their knowledge and experience.

We really do like to ‘grow our own’ talent and this is most evident when you look at our first-line management team.  95% of these managers started at a trainee level within the business and have grown and evolved over time to management roles.

“In a market where the competition for talent is fierce, it has never been more important for businesses to be able to develop their own people”.

Employee Wellbeing

After riding out the turbulence time of the pandemic, earlier this year we identified that in addition to training on job-specific skills, it is essential for employers to take a more holistic approach to employee wellbeing.

We have implemented several initiatives where staff are encouraged to participate in activities such as Pilates, drop into a virtual Mindfulness Workshop on Wellness Wednesday where techniques to combat stress and anxiety can be discussed or leave the office for a Walking Meeting.

We also made a quite bold move to close the offices at 1 pm on Fridays and the feedback from this change to working conditions have been very well received with no negative impact on productivity. The four-day working week draws ever closer perhaps!

eWith the Department of Education bringing in a raft of new educational standards such as T levels and flexi-apprenticeships, and our own development of an Academy style training programme for consultants, we are confident that RE Recruitment will continue to broaden the scope of qualifications and learning on offer to all our employees. There is little doubt that learning and development are critical to the growth and success of every business.

Our continued growth is thanks to the talented team of people that work here. They make us who we are and play a key role in our success. That’s exactly why we are constantly striving to be the best employer and why with everything we do we ‘Expect More’.

One of our mission statements is Expect More – we ask our customers to expect more of the services we can deliver. It seems only fair then that our employees ask to Expect More on their career path with us.

We are always looking for brilliant people to join our team. If you think you’ve got what it takes, and are interested in what RE Recruitment can offer you, then why not get in touch with Lucy.

Expect more

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