Property consultancies ETP and CSquared merge to create UK’s fastest-growing property services company


Bristol’s oldest independent property consultancy ETP has merged with CSquared, the newest and fastest-growing company in the sector, also based in the South West.

ETP can trace its roots back to 1878 and offers a broad range of property services, with particular expertise in valuation and building consultancy.

The current leadership team has scaled the business in recent years having consolidated around a number of high-profile corporate contracts.

CSquared opened in Bristol in 2020, initially expanding out from their base in Bath.

Success and scale was quick to follow, when the firm hit headlines after hiring some well-known names in the Bristol agency market, and quickly expanding their service offering with building consultancy and lease advisory personnel.

The combined business, which will trade as CSquared, has a multi-million pound turnover, and a full service portfolio which includes occupational, investment and development agency as well as property management, building consultancy project management, valuation and lease advisory specialisms.

The scale and breadth of expertise positions CSquared head to head with the UK’s largest property services conglomerates.

The company will operate from two locations, the current ETP head office on Alma Road, Bristol until a larger premises is secured, and also the CSquared office in Bath which will soon be relocated.

The current locations will continue to offer the same engaging, inspiring and collaborative workspace for staff and clients whilst also enabling the new leadership team to concentrate on scale and growth.

The new business will be led by six equity partners, three from each business and there are currently 25+ members in the combined team across the two offices, although this is increasing rapidly.

The new leadership team have already decided to adopt the name CSquared, as the team have been very successful in building awareness of the brand in the short time it has been operational, and it is already well recognised as a disruptor in what is known to be a traditional sector in British industry.

Allan Lloyd of CSquared said: “Having known Alastair, Ed and Nick from ETP for some time, we have long admired the strength of their business and always felt that culturally we would be a really good fit.

“We share the ambition to grow one of the most successful property services companies in the UK, and together we are well on our way. We are all very excited about this next stage of growth, and equally encouraged by the opportunity to build on our recent success in our newly expanded form.”

Edward Le Masurier of ETP said: “CSquared have already achieved admirable traction in the Bristol market, and our combined practice is the first new independent business of scale in the area for 30 years.

“This alone is a remarkable feat and to do so ahead of the recent turbulence in the market is testament to the quality of advice and service provided by both our businesses, and the strength of the client relationships we hold.”