Pronto Cocktails


Pronto Cocktails have developed a draught cocktail tap. That’s right, your favourite tipple on tap. We’re kegging up the finest ingredients ready to be attached to any bar taps. If the cocktail needs a foam like the Espresso Martini then our super-duper (and affordable) Pronto foamer will agitate the cocktail as it feeds through the lines giving you the perfect head.

Why wouldn’t you? 

When you walk into a pub/bar/restaurant and order your favourite lager, you know what you are going to get. We were on a night out and were struck by the inconsistency of cocktails we were served and how long we waited. Then we thought… What if there was a cocktail that you could rely on to be great-tasting wherever you went AND it only took 20 seconds to serve? As mixologists, we looked into the world of bottled cocktails but felt that when in the bottle, they look like a cheaper alcopop. Not to mention the environmental impact of using hundreds of glass bottles. So we looked at kegging cocktails and worked out all the vital elements and concepts to produce the perfect serve.