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With the widespread and global effects of Covid-19, even those businesses with robust Business Continuity Plans would not have been able to foresee and plan for such extensive operational impacts.

The pandemic has affected organisations in ways that could not have been anticipated and even now, as we’re beginning to return to work, there is still much uncertainty ahead.

Hold the advantage over your competitors

It’s likely that you and your competitors will come out of lockdown at the same time and it’s clear that those businesses that are best prepared will hold the advantage. What you do now will be critically important to the recovery and success of your business.

Aston Lark recognises this and is providing businesses with a range of information, support and tools to help you get through these tough times and make a full operational recovery. In our ‘Road to Recovery’ toolkit you will find:

  • Templates and advice on how to best communicate with your staff, customers and suppliers
  • Return to work checklists that enable you to methodically tick off all the things you’ll need to consider before switching the lights back on
  • Risk assessment templates for you to use to keep up with UK Government guidelines
  • FREE* access to our Health & Safety and HR portal that provides you with:
    • Advice, information and templates to use
    • Access to a range of e-learning modules that you can use to train staff
    • Access to ‘Ask the Expert’, which enables you to quickly receive answers to any H&S and HR questions
  • FREE* access to a combined driver risk assessment and e-learning package

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Driver Risk Assessment tool

Aston Lark wants to help you take control of the situation, understand the context within the insurance industry, guide you through the process and work together to mitigate the impact as much as we can. Despite the harsh implications of the hardening market, by taking control of your insurance renewal you can help your organisation maintain adequate cover at a reasonable price.

Top tips

  • Communicate with your broker.

Make sure you meet with your broker to discuss what level of cover and unique policy features your organisation needs. After all, your broker has the insurance expertise to provide you with the most cost-effective, high-quality cover solutions. Ensuring frequent communication with your broker will help you stay informed, supported and – most importantly – appropriately covered as we all recover from the Covid-19 pandemic during these difficult market conditions

  • Start the renewal process early.

In a hard market, you can’t wait until the last minute to secure quality cover. Brokers are competing for underwriters’ capacity, so be sure to engage in your policy renewal process as early as possible. Doing so will allow plenty of time to gather any documentation required for renewal. Insurers will probably ask more questions than usual before finalising your policy, making it vital to get a head-start on the process.

  • Invest in risk management.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to invest in robust risk management processes and provide documentation of these practices to your insurer. Your risk management documentation should highlight:

  • Proper cash flow processes
  • Seamless contracts with clients that clearly outline the responsibilities of both parties
  • Effective supply chain management e.g. positive relationships with suppliers, due diligence of supply chain risks and well-distributed liability agreements
  • Robust internal practices and standards to mitigate on-site risks

Emerging stronger on the other side

Nobody can be 100% sure what the full Covid-19 recovery timeline will look like. How long will it last, will there be further outbreaks and disruptions? What supply chain issues will arise if some businesses do not manage to recover?

Those businesses that continue to be flexible and innovative, and communicate effectively with their staff, customers and suppliers, stand the best chance of not only recovering but also potentially grabbing opportunities to emerge stronger on the other side.

If you want to know more about the Road to Recovery toolkit or are interested in becoming a client of Aston Lark, call Jim Stevenson, Associate Director and Head of Cheltenham office today on 07970 084350 or request a call back here.

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