Pioneering nutrition brand hits a record-breaking 100 million meals sold

Pioneering Thames Valley nutrition firm Huel has become the world’s best-selling cmplete food brand after reaching the record-breaking milestone of 100 million meals sold. 
Less than five years since Huel launched its first powdered food in June 2015, its has shipped its 100 millionth meal.

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One Huel meal is now being consumed every second, and one new customer is purchasing from every minute. 
The meals have been enjoyed across 100 countries. In 2019 alone, sales of Huel meals jumped by 50% just in the US. 
This not only sets UK-based Huel as a global leader in the market, but it also proves there’s a desire among conscious consumers on a worldwide scale to fundamentally change the way food is made and eaten. 
Huel says took Red Bull – a challenger brand which similarly disrupted an entire market and has gone on to become a global behemoth – seven years to sell 85 million cans.   
“I keep meaning to find the people who said this idea will never go anywhere,” Huel’s Founder Julian Hearn said. “Sales of more than 100 million meals across 100 countries demonstrates the trend towards more convenient and nutritious food choices that don’t cost the earth is here to stay.”
“Huel is now a lifestyle choice for most of our customers and it has the potential to be as big as the likes of previous challenger brands such as Red Bull which created then dominated a completely new category.”
The largest market for Huel is the UK  but is predicted that the US will soon overtake this following a year of incredible growth in the region. 
Since its launch, Huel’s mission has been to make nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food, that has a minimum impact on animals and the environment. 
Offering consumers “complete nutrition” means that each Huel meal serves customers a good balance of protein, carbs, fibre, essential fats and phytonutrients, plus an optimum level of all 26 essential vitamins and minerals required on a daily basis. 
Formulated by Registered Nutritionist, James Collier, Huel is vegan, lactose-free and soya-free. As an environmentally and socially conscious brand, all of Huel’s meals are sourced sustainably and ethically, are 100% vegan and are free from lactose, soya, and GMOs. Plus, each formula is approved by registered nutritionists and dieticians.