Passionate about Product Design…

Ocean optics spectrometer

Developing technologies and core IP, creating stylish products that are easy to manufacture, and speeding up the overall design process, is what makes the team at Oxford Product Design tick.

With a highly technical team of Industrial Designers, project managers, mechanical, electronics and embedded software engineers, OPD work closely with both local, national and global companies to develop new technologies and design and deliver innovative, market-leading products.

OPD have built a considerable portfolio of achievements, giving rise to a particular expertise in high specification industrial products, scientific instruments, high volume consumer products, as well as healthcare and biosciences. They have also recently increased their experience in sectors as diverse as motor control systems, wireless device design and optical systems development.

“We consider ourselves to be a team of creative and technical problem solvers” explains Managing Director Rupert Wilkinson. “All manner of projects come through our door each with its own unique considerations. Sometimes it’s very compressed time frames, others have challenging specifications or sensitive costs. Each one needs a bespoke strategy”

Rupert Wilkinson, Managing Director, Oxford Product Design commented: “Rather than just designing a device, our approach considers the entire product architecture as a platform”

“By getting involved from a very early stage with our clients, we gain a much deeper understanding of their business needs and aspirations, resulting in an ability to influence the strategic roadmap and core IP.”

One of OPD’s latest projects is a good example of this approach…

Working with Ocean Optics, a well-respected company in the field of optical measurement, OPD have helped them push their technology into a new sector to produce their first handheld, wirelessly connected, spectrometer platform. Developing the industrial design, mechanical and electronics engineering and embedded software and helping to arrange the manufacture paved the route to market for this new product which was also the recipient of a Red Dot Design award.

Years of design experience mean that OPD understand the importance of the early stages of design. Building a product on a solid foundation and addressing the risks early on in the project helps the downstream activities become far more predictable. No one likes surprises and unforeseen changes at a late point in a project, especially in product development when time to market is critical.

Augmented reality headset

Continual investment in software and hardware has also played a part in OPD’s growth. Advanced analysis tools such as Mould Flow simulation and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), not only inform the design process but also identify and predict potential failures before they happen. Similarly the purchase of a high end Polyjet 3D printer lets the team immediately prototype designs in thousands of possible grades of materials to closely simulate the functional and aesthetic properties of the materials, giving clients a really good idea of what the end product will look, and work-like from early on, and ultimately speeding up development.

The whole design process is geared around product delivery so that clients can realise their investment as quickly as possible. Breaking projects into a series of sprints enables rapid development and helps to de-risk the process which is underpinned by ISO 9001. OPD is also versed at working with patent attorneys to make sure new ideas are properly protected and can be fully exploited. Close links to a trusted global supply chain, means OPD can offer the option for “turnkey” product delivery, with end-to-end design management, ensuring our clients get the best quality at the best price.     |    01865 58 20 80