Partner promotion at Askews for local Warwickshire businesswoman

Askews Lianne Payne

Local businesswoman, Lianne Payne, has recently been promoted to partner at Warwickshire-based Askews Legal LLP.

Heading up the Employment Law division, Lianne has worked at the company since 2014, when it incorporated her previous business DeMarco Solicitors.

Lianne has brought an employment law specialism to Askews that had previously been missing. She has also revolutionised the company’s HR policies, being instrumental in bringing in ‘hybrid working’, enabling all staff to employ a greater work-life balance; ultimately boosting morale and increasing turnover.

Lianne said: “It’s a real honour to be made a partner at Askews. To play a major role in such a forward-thinking company is fantastic. It’s such a fast-paced and demanding business we’re in, and as a mum-of-two, working for a more traditional ‘9 to 5’ company just wouldn’t be possible, especially at partner level.”

Lianne has previously held the position of partner at DeMarco Solicitors but had to make the decision to step back from the role due to family commitments, something which is all too common for women working in this industry.

Lianne added: “The support provided by the whole team at Askews has enabled me to progress in my career and become partner once again. Being able to find the right balance between work and home commitments while doing a demanding job that I love is testament to the company’s flexibility. I can’t wait to get started in my role and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds.”

Alongside her day-to-day work, Lianne is regularly invited to speak as a guest lecturer on employment law at some of the region’s Universities.

Pritpal Chahal, Practice Manager and Solicitor at Askews, added: “To have someone with Lianne’s expertise working for the company is a real boost. Since she started with us she has been a vital part of our growth structure. Making her a partner in the company was a natural progression for us and one that we’re very excited about.”