Pallet poolers say it with flowers

Pictured: Simon Redden of Redford Flowers specialises in growing flowers hydroponically
IPP and Redford flowers 2

Coventry-based pallet provider IPP has signed a supply chain deal with one of the UK’s most innovative flower wholesalers.

Pallet pooler IPP’s relationship with Redford Flowers will see them provide sustainable wooden pallets to help deliver tulips and irises to supermarket giant Morrisons.

Redford Flowers from Spalding specialises in growing flowers hydroponically, ie, in water rather than soil.

Director Simon Redden said: “Growing flowers on water rather than in soil is the way forward if we are to survive in a future without chemicals and to protect water source and environment.

“I believe inefficiency and waste costs you much more in the long run. That’s one of the reasons I was so impressed with IPP. Their whole operation is based on quality, efficiency and environmental responsibility which makes them the perfect partner for us.”

Phil Storer, UK and Ireland director for IPP, added: “There is a great synergy between us as we are both forward-thinking companies looking to embrace modern techniques to deliver the highest quality and greatest efficiency.”