Oxfordshire’s Owen Mumford partners with leading charities during HIV Testing Week


As HIV testing week begins, leading medical device manufacturer Owen Mumford has partnered with HIV Scotland and the Terrence Higgins Trust to support raising awareness around HIV self-testing. Since launching in 2020, Owen Mumford’s Simplitude ByMe™ HIV self-testing kit has provided a simple, fast and effective solution to thousands of people and has helped to change the dialogue around the virus and the importance of knowing your status.

Since June 2021, Owen Mumford has partnered with HIV Scotland to support its Government funded HIV testing programme, which provides anyone residing in Scotland with a Simplitude ByMe at-home test free of charge. Since partnering with Owen Mumford in June 2021, and through other initiatives, HIV Scotland has sent over 7,000 Simplitude ByMe testing kits to those in need, supporting its Generation Zero campaign goal of ending HIV in Scotland within a generation.

“The last two years have stretched resources thin and forced us to carefully consider how to provide the best support for Scottish people and their sexual health needs,” said Alastair Hudson, Interim CEO at HIV Scotland. “Our partnership with Owen Mumford has allowed us to continue providing essential support and care for those who need it. At home testing is a hugely important part of our goal to eradicate HIV, not least because it provides a safe and confidential way to know your status.”

An agreement was signed in December 2021 between Owen Mumford and Terrence Higgins Trust to supply its Simplitude ByMe kits and ensure the charity can continue to provide access to at-home HIV testing for those in need.

“The easier and more convenient it is to test for HIV, the more progress we’ll make towards the goal of ending new HIV cases in the UK by 2030. HIV self-tests you can do at home with a quick result are crucial in helping to achieve that,” said Richard Angell, Campaigns Director at Terrence Higgins Trust. “Partnering with Owen Mumford allows us to continue raising awareness about the importance of knowing your status and encourage more people than ever get tested this National HIV Testing Week.”

“Providing access to self-testing not only helps the UK in reaching its national target of zero HIV transmissions by 2030, but also to lift the stigma around HIV and knowing your status,” said Jesper Jonsson, Director of Medical Devices at Owen Mumford. “Significant steps have been made in the availability of testing and education on the virus, and thanks to our partnerships with organisations like HIV Scotland and Terrence Higgins Trust who help to get more of our Simplitude ByMe kits to people who need them, Owen Mumford will continue to play a key role in reshaping the landscape and demonstrating how easy it is to get tested.”

Owen Mumford’s Simplitude ByMe is used by leading charities and organisations as an all-in-one HIV self-test device suitable for home use, providing a fast, accurate result within 15 minutes.