Oxfordshire energy firm provides lifeline for businesses frozen out of competitive deals

Electric Pylon – Valda Energy

Oxfordshire-based B2B energy supplier Valda Energy has launched a new energy offer giving SME businesses access to competitive prices, the latest smart meter technology and flexible payment options.

Thanks to Covid-19, some traditional energy suppliers are not automatically accepting new business customers. Through no fault of their own, businesses in sectors such as hospitality, leisure and travel have found that signing up for competitive energy deals is no longer as easy as it was. Valda Energy has addressed this issue with its launch product, SmartChoice –  which enables customers to buy energy in advance and pay only for what they use.

Valda says its SmartChoice is a real industry first, putting payment control firmly in the hands of business users. Customers make an initial payment pre-live which immediately shows as credit on their account. They can then monitor their usage via the Valda Energy app or web-based portal. The customer can choose for automatic payments to be taken when the account dips low, or to take full control and top-up themselves via debit or credit card, standing order or Direct Debit.

Taking payments in advance enables Valda Energy to keep its own operating costs low and to pass those savings back to SmartChoice customers.

Steve James, CEO, Valda Energy, said: “With SmartChoice we’ve developed an innovative energy solution that aligns perfectly with the needs of all smaller businesses. The solution serves an immediate need by providing businesses who might be struggling to find sensible energy deals right now with access to competitively priced, 100 per cent renewable energy. But additionally, SmartChoice enables every SME to take back control of its energy spend, to buy what it needs up-front and to avoid any surprises that can arise from monthly bills.

“Small business owners need flexibility from service suppliers – solutions that recognise that these businesses may be seasonal or may have to close on certain days or might require room to negotiate cash-flow bottlenecks. SmartChoice provides flexibility, enabling businesses to pay for what they need.”

Valda SmartChoice is a smart meter solution, with the latest SMETS2 meters installed for every customer – where one isn’t already on site.

Using the app or web portal, customers can track usage, see their current balance, download invoices and set up payment options.

Launched in 2019 by a senior management team with more than 20 years’ industry experience, Valda Energy is a British-owned B2B energy supplier operating in the SME market.  Based in Bicester the company focuses on cloud-based technology, customer focused solutions, 100% renewable energy and outstanding customer service with its UK-based customer services centre, to bring customers the best energy solutions available.