Oxford’s Airdri new range of air and surface sanitisers reduce infection


Airdri Group, a hand dryer manufacturer based in Oxford, has launched a new range of air and surface sanitiser units, to help businesses tackle infection control in the workplace.

The 46-year-old company has pivoted during the pandemic to bring its new SteraSpace Air and Surface Sanitiser range to market.

The pioneering technology applied to the SteraSpace units has been independently tested by the UK public health laboratories, including at Porton Down. Initial efficacy data has demonstrated positive results in the reduction of harmful micro-organisms in the air and on surfaces, as well as much lower levels of employee absence through sickness.

A 42 per cent reduction in absenteeism was reported by one company which installed the SteraSpace technology in its call centre. The organisation installed ten of the SteraSpace units in key locations across its workspace. Results showed specific reduction in absenteeism of employees with asthma, cold, cough, influenza, chest/respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses.

The new range of Airdri SteraSpace Air and Surface Sanitisers provide 24/7 infection and odour control by sanitising surrounding air and exposed surfaces.

The units combine Photo Catalytic Disinfection (PCD), Germicidal Irradiation and Dual Waveband UV technology to create advanced virus and bacteria control technology. This offers an effective way to eliminate bacteria, mould, fungi, viruses, dust mites, allergens, and harmful VOCs to result in clean, healthy air and surfaces in the workplace.

After the initial installation cost, the units cost in the region of just £2 per month to run, with an annual outlay of around £50 for a new bulb.

Steve Whittall, group director of R&D and operations at Airdri said: “We’re extremely proud of both the effectiveness of the product, but also how we are looking at new ways that they technology can be used in alternative ways for niche or more demanding spaces, for that I would like to thank the dedicated team at Airdri Group.

“Not only has SteraSpace been proven by independent scientific tests to almost eliminate airborne micro-organisms, but when used in a real-life setting it was shown to significantly reduce absenteeism in the workplace through a reduction in the spread of disease from person to person.

“Unlike other routes to infection control such as chemical fogging, SteraSpace can be used continuously in the background creating cleaner, fresher air throughout the day. Once installed it is extremely affordable with very low energy consumption. It really is one of the best ways that businesses, both those continuing to operate throughout lockdown and those looking to increase safety and assurance for the return of employees and customers, can create safer workplaces for everyone.”