Oxford Technology Park launches new Podcast series ‘OX TECH TALKS’

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Oxford Technology Park is launching its own industry podcast – OX TECH TALKS, which will feature the most prominent thought leaders and business professionals in the science and technology sector from across Oxfordshire.

Each episode will share insights and practical advice to help businesses navigate the changing landscape as well as focusing on the ever-evolving business world of science and technology at the heart of Oxfordshire’s A34 Knowledge Economy spine.

The first series will focus on the business journey, from the state of the market, starting and growing a business, pivoting or exiting to managing an established business, along with noticing the warning signs of decline and how to adapt and reinvent your business for continued success.

Future episodes will also cover topics on innovation and trends in the science and technology sectors, such as: the revolution of AI & Data analytics, open source software, advanced medical technologies and sustainability.

Angus Bates, Owner and Director of Oxford Technology Park said: “We are very excited to launch Oxford Technology Park’s podcast. It provides us the opportunity and voice to discuss hot industry topics, across technology and life science sectors with highly renowned guest speakers as well as help address some of the thorny issues business owners face.”

Episode 1 of Ox Tech Talks Podcast is available now via: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1789188/8587884 as well as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The first episode sees host Placi Espejo, interview owner and director of Oxford Technology Park, Angus Bates.

During the conversation, Placi and Angus discuss the new space and opportunities at Oxford Technology Park, covering: An overview of the park, its convenient location North of Oxford at the heart of Oxfordshire’s A34 Knowledge Economic Spine, the history of the conceptualisation through to the development of the park, an update on construction, the versatile space and desirable features available, the sustainability principles, the community and collaboration, the Innovation Quarter, and the amenity-rich environment of the park.

Episode 1 of Ox Tech Talks Podcast is available now via: https://oxtechtalks.buzzsprout.com/1789188/8588187 as well as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

This episode of Ox Tech Talks, sees our host Placi Espejo interview Rob Beatson of Bidwells. During the conversation, Rob and Placi discuss the science and technology market flourishing around Oxfordshire

Oxford Technology Park is a major new science and technology park providing the next generation of  Office and R&D space at the heart of Oxfordshire’s A34 Knowledge Economy spine.

To find out more about the podcast, visit: https://oxtechtalks.buzzsprout.com/ 

For more information about Oxford Technology Park, visit: www.oxfordtechnologypark.com

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