Oxford Metrics sells surveying company

Oxford Metrics sells Yotta Surveying

Oxford Metrics, the International software company which works within the government, life sciences, entertainment and engineering markets has sold Yotta Surveying Ltd, its highway surveying services company, to Ginger Group, a major construction and civil engineering company for £1 million.


Yotta will now trade as Ginger Lehmann Ltd in the UK and continue to operate from its existing premises in Leamington Spa and all current Yotta Surveying Limited staff will remain with the business.

Following the disposal, Oxford Metrics will continue to retain ownership of the software and services business, Yotta Limited and its Alloy, Horizons, Mayrise and March software products.

Nick Bolton, Chief Executive Officer of Oxford Metrics, said: “I am pleased to have completed this process, with an outcome that works well for everyone. We know that in Ginger Group, the surveying business has a strong, committed new owner and that our surveying team joins a bigger organisation capable of nurturing and growing these assets. For Oxford Metrics shareholders, we take one further step along our five-year plan and move forward as an increasingly dependable, recurring revenue-based business.”

Oxford Metrics, through Yotta and its other business Vicon, helps clients in motion measurement and infrastructure asset management, analyse high volume, high complexity data to deliver precise, actionable metrics to customers in over 70 countries worldwide.