Oxford Centre for Innovation fast becoming quantum hub


The Oxford Centre for Innovation is fast becoming a hub for quantum computing companies.

University spin-out QuantrolOx has joined the centre. The company is  building automated machine learning-based control software for quantum technologies to tune, stabilise, and optimise qubits. QuantrolOx’s software is technology agnostic and applicable to all types of quantum technologies, however initially the company is targeting solid-state qubits where the team has already demonstrated substantial practical benefits.

QuantrolOx has followed other companies ColdQuanta UK and Quantum Dice in this important small cluster.

Ramy Shelbaya is CEO and Co-Founder of Quantum Dice. “Quantum Dice’s pioneering technology leverages the unique features of quantum mechanics to create secure random numbers”, says Ramy. “This has huge potential for encryption and cybersecurity as we now use random numbers literally every day, in fact nearly every hour, of our lives to secure our communications online, our data, our phones and our computers.”

Cybersecurity is becoming one of the critical priorities for governments and the private sector. In an increasingly digitised world, it is estimated that we will be connected through 75.4 billion devices by 2025. One of the critical components of any encryption system is the random number generator or RNG, which is where the technology of Quantum Dice could prove so effective.