Oxford Biomedica collaborates on cystic fibrosis treatment

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Gene therapy company Oxford BioMedica PLC has signed an agreement with the UK Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy Consortium and Imperial Innovations.

The process development collaboration agreement centres on the development of a long-term therapy for cystic fibrosis patients. Oxford also signed a separate option and license agreement, also centring on cystic fibrosis, with Boehringer Ingelheim.

The collaboration seeks to be able to give cystic fibrosis patients gene therapy using Oxford’s lentiviral vector gene therapy delivery platform. This type of treatment uses genetically modified viruses to infect cells with a working copy of a faulty gene.

Under the terms of the process development collaboration agreement, Oxford BioMedica will be responsible for process and analytical development, scale up of manufacture of the candidate and generation of material for toxicology studies. There is scope within the terms for the parties to establish a clinical supply agreement in the future. The collaboration may also include an evaluation of Oxford BioMedica’s Transgene Repression in vector Production (TRiP) System, and the development of stable producer cell lines for large scale production of the lentiviral vector.

Boehringer has been given an option to license this treatment; the financial terms of this option have not been disclosed.

John Dawson, Chief Executive Officer of Oxford BioMedica, said: “This novel three-way partnership brings together an unparalleled combination of clinical, scientific, manufacturing and commercial skills in an effort to develop new treatments and make a major contribution to the lives of patients affected by cystic fibrosis. The GTC has been working determinedly for over 15 years to get to this exciting point of forming a partnership with a global pharmaceutical company with respiratory expertise, Boehringer Ingelheim.

“Our contribution to this partnership reaffirms our leading position in the development and manufacture of lentiviral vector gene therapy products at large scale. We look forward to working with our new academic and industry partners.”