Oxford based Digital ID responds to sharp upturn in demand for ID cards

Digital ID

Oxford-based Digital ID has unveiled a new eco-friendly card printer bundle aimed at streamlining the process of ID card printing for organisations that need a quick turnaround due to coronavirus.

The ID card specialist has seen a sharp upturn in demand for in-house printing options thanks to a huge boost in orders from health and social care industry, as well as smaller/medium sized businesses needing to take ownership of ID in-house, during tougher lockdown restrictions.

Jonathan Fell, group managing director of the company, said: “The pandemic has changed the way companies want to do business in a number of ways. Companies are still having to print their staff ID cards during lockdown so that employees that need to continue working can prove they are critical workers quickly and easily when challenged by authorities.

“We’ve also seen a huge uplift in onsite printing from the health and social care sector. With the rapid expansion of vaccination centres and Covid testing centres, plus the changes we’ve seen within care homes, it’s hugely important that staff and volunteers are given the appropriate ID. Not only so that people can identify officials but also, simply seeing a lanyard and ID cards can often reassure people that they are in safe hands and gone through the correct protocols to be on-site.

“The speed at which ID cards are required has made onsite printing a necessity for many, so in response to that we’ve created a product in the EasyBadge 2.0 Bundle that meets that need. It eradicates many of the common problems with ID card printing such as clunky card design software and image capture in an affordable bundle that has everything needed to print ID cards as frequently as needed, even if it’s daily.

“For those with extra security concerns, there’s the standard feature of an anti-counterfeit SmartMark overlay that can be customised to include text, pictures or logos for an added layer of protection against cloning and theres an optional ribbon that can, in addition, add  a UV layer to the card that significantly increases the security of the issued credential.”

Tim Shaper from Chalm Software explains how the EasyBadge Bundle helped when his company were concerned about their existing ID badges being cloned: “EasyBadge hasn’t only helped us stay secure but has saved us money too. We didn’t need to purchase expensive photography equipment to capture staff images because it can all be done remotely through the EasyBadge app and cloud.”