Over 30 years’ experience in debt recovery

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Control Account

Controlaccount Plc provides a fast, proactive, commercial debt collection service on a no-collect, no-fee basis.

As a long-established business, our collection methods are fair, transparent and ethical taking into account your need to collect debts and improve cash flow while preserving valuable customer relationships.

Where applicable, we can apply the latest legislation for commercial debt recovery, using the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 (LPA) which helps to redress the balance with regard to the cost of chasing overdue commercial debts.

Controlaccount will help you meet some or all of the cost of collection from the late payment charge and interest; this means that you could receive 100 per cent of your debt, not a proportion as you may do currently.

And our in-house legal department provides legal debt recovery services and can undertake actions in all jurisdictions.

We can integrate our service with your existing credit control functions and offer solutions for a whole range of debt problems. These include current ledger balances, written-off debt, post judgement, low value or absconded debt, all on a no-collect, no-fee basis, so there will be no cost to you should we be unable to collect.

Controlaccount really is a debt collection agency which has full confidence in its ability to collect debts with its own money. Controlaccount clients receive a no cost debt collection service from beginning to end.