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When I was young I watched my mum and step dad make fantastic changes in peoples lives showing care, understanding and compassion. They worked with people with learning disabilities, some profound disabilities, however, every person was treated with dignity, respect and compassion and the impact on their lives was outstanding. I wanted to be able to follow their lead in my area of interest…Human Resources.

Looking to 2009, I found my career had taken me too far away from my core HR values, and I realised that I could be supporting directors and managers in working with their teams, and getting the best from each individual to deliver the required results for the company. Acorn was born.

I believe in supporting the development of employers, to achieve fair and equitable treatment of their employees, to bring out the best in everyone. Our passion is to have the right treatment of all, to follow the right processes within the framework of employment legislation, the case itself and the direction of the business. Our professional training, knowledge and experience is honed to identify the points of pain for a business, to work through the complexities of a case and to deliver the right outcomes for all.

At Acorn, we strive to treat people with compassion, understanding and equity and is at the forefront of the work we do with our clients.

Why employers choose Acorn is summed up in a phone call in September 2018. It was from an ex-employee of a client, where he had been dismissed and had since moved into a new role. He respected and valued the professionalism of the Acorn team through the most difficult of times, and how we had cared for him as an individual, that he wanted us to support his new employer. I was blown away by this and believe this sums up the impact of the work we do.

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