Our Veloci-tech Business Accelerator is probably not for you!

Promotional Business Feature: Veloci-tech Business Accelerator
Is our Business Accelerator for you

Growing: If you don’t believe… in planning for success and understanding what your business might need to look like, to make it happen – then this business accelerator probably isn’t for you.

Time: If you don’t believe… that to be successful you need to design the company to be able to run day to day without you – then this business accelerator probably isn’t for you.

Money: If you don’t believe… cashflow, profitability and planning are the heart of any successful company – then this business accelerator probably isn’t for you.

Veloci-Tech: If you are an owner or director… of a rapidly scaling business and you recognise that you might not have all the answers yet to ensure the business can grow without you drowning – then just maybe, this Business Accelerator might be for you!


Are you ready to scale up? 

Contact the Veloci-Tech team on 01242 371317 or email activate@veloci-tech.co.uk


What is the Veloci-tech Business Accelerator?

The Veloci-tech business accelerator is designed to give Directors the stable financial building blocks and processes, that ensure your business can grow quickly, carefully and safely. It gives you and your business expert support on strategic planning, operations and commercial activity, to ensure you have the time to put the right structure, processes and decision making in place, to allow you to build the company without being all consumed by it.

Who its for
Dynamic business owners who are ready to scale their established business in a sustainable and profitable way, with the support of experts, who can guide you through the common challenges associated with rapid business growth.

What we do
We work closely with you, the business owner, to identify and understand the challenges you already have in your scaling business. We establish what success should
look like for you professionally and personally, we help set goals and then design the business to deliver it. We identify and pre-empt the roadblocks you haven’t seen
yet that you are coming up against and then create an individual plan of ongoing support, providing high level challenge, strategic and operational accountability and
direct business experience, to help your scale up process be a lot less painful and a lot more successful.

Who we are
With nearly 100 years combined experience in strategic financial direction, business growth, innovation, operations, resilience, planning, projects, systems and
processes, we have the expertise and the personal approach to make a huge impact on your growing business!

Want to know how we can help your business? Let’s talk.

Contact the Veloci-Tech team on 01242 371317 or email activate@veloci-tech.co.uk

Veloci-Tech team: From L-R: Danielle Cole,  Gordon Petrie and Alex Kell

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