Open Cosmos partners with Singapore satellite company

Open Cosmos

Harwell-based Space mission provider Open Cosmos and Singapore-headquartered satellite communication service provider Addvalue have announced a key partnership to provide continuous communication and “data-burst as-a-service” to constellation-based remote sensing and IoT businesses.

The agreement will allow Open Cosmos’s nanosatellites to stay in continuous communications with their operation centre on the ground, enabling mission tasking and mission data delivery in near real time.

This agreement builds on Addvalue’s Inter-Satellite Data Relay System (IDRS™) capability and Open Cosmos’s satellite-as-a-service, offering to service a range of customer applications needing near-real time connectivity. The Addvalue terminal on-board the satellite will communicate to its operations centre via Inmarsat’s global space and ground network.

Dr Colin Chan, Chairman and CEO at Addvalue said: “This partnership to provide an IDRS™ terminal tailored to the qbee satellite platform as an add-on function will enable us to shorten our turnaround time to deploy the IDRS™ service as and when real-time connectivity is required by Open Cosmos customers.”

Rafel Jorda Siquier, Founder & CEO at Open Cosmos said: “Many of our space mission customers have been asking for near-real time communications with our qbee satellites. Addvalue is using our simple-i service to fully qualify the compatibility of its IDRS™ in our qbkit and when that is done we will be able to offer it as an off-the-shelf service in all our satellites.”

The first Open Cosmos satellite was launched in April 2017 in a record time of six months from design to delivery, encouraging companies and organisations like the European Space Agency to contract their own missions. In April 2018, Open Cosmos closed a Series A funding round, and is now gearing up to manufacture 30 satellites a year.