Online pharmacy PillTime expands at Cribbs Causeway to support growth

Leighton Humphreys
Leighton Humphreys, CEO of PillTime

Major growth for online pharmacy PillTime has prompted the Bristol-based business to acquire new headquarters.

PillTime is one of the only pharmacies in England to provide medication in daily dose pouches – helping patients to better manage to their medication routines.

Under the leadership of CEO Leighton Humphreys, PillTime expects to grow its current workforce of 65 employees by 20 per cent this year, helping to cater for the increased demand for its service.

It is also in the process of moving from its current base in Avonmouth to new, expanded 26,000 sqft premises in Cribbs Causeway.

The company is also investing heavily in new technology, including robotic automation to significantly enhance productivity and capacity.

“We are operating in a huge market sector, around £9 billion in size, which is ripe for digital disruption,” said Leighton.

“Existing online pharmacies are currently servicing less than five per cent of the total prescriptions dispensed, and the needs of patients are evolving.

“The PillTime proposition is focused on providing a service that offers far greater lifestyle convenience, correct dosage adherence and reliability for people who depend upon multiple medications. A step change against some of the traditional tools such as daily dosette boxes.”

“UK studies have highlighted that over 50 per cent of people on medication do not follow their prescription as it has been directed by their GP. That figure increases when people have multiple daily medications.

“We know that around 6.5 million people in the UK take five or more medications per day and that number is only growing. These patients will benefit most from receiving medications which are pouched according to single or multiple daily doses, removing confusion and improving adherence in domestic, care home and hospital settings.

“So, even with the growth we expect to see over the coming months, it’s hardly a drop in the ocean of our potential expansion.

“PillTime is already a brand recognised by patients, carers and GPs. We are now innovating further to develop software and hardware which can expand our capacity and product range, using new technologies to enhance our service and support organisations.”

Leighton said that the new premises marked a key milestone in the growth of the business.

“The new property allows for the next phase of our growth journey,” he said. “It will be a state-of-the-art facility suitable for the next generation of pharmacy operation. Its location close to our current site means we can retain our existing staff, and it has fantastic transport links to facilitate our delivery services.

“We’re looking forward to providing more job opportunities in the local area and supporting local businesses through our presence here. It’s certainly an exciting time for all involved and we are grateful to the support we have had from our property consultants and brokers in enabling this deal to go through.”

Following his appointment towards the end of 2020, Mr Humphreys has enjoyed the challenge of pioneering innovative change in a rapidly-growing market sector.

“Since I joined the company we’ve built on established foundations and readied PillTime for its next phase of growth, with significant work done to optimise operational efficiencies and the securing of partnerships which are crucial for our future,” he said.

“Now, all the key pieces are in place, with a modern working environment for our growing team and the opportunity to explode into a thriving business sector. I’m looking forward to 2022 and overseeing the next steps in our journey.”