Once in a lifetime PR project for Gloucestershire agency

Norton PR

Moreton in Marsh-based PR agency, Norton PR, has been appointed by US company Callaway Arts & Entertainment to manage the brand’s media presence throughout the UK, leading up to the Easter launch of what could well be the world’s most lavish book, a full colour rendering of the artwork in The Vatican’s Sistine Chapel.

Michelangelo’s iconic images from the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel, usually seen from about sixty feet below, and the rest of the chapel’s extraordinary renaissance images on the side and rear walls of the chapel, are reproduced in extraordinary detail in three massive volumes.

‘The Sistine Chapel’ is a magnificent three-volume magnum opus over 822 pages that uses ultra-resolution photography to digitize the chapel’s frescoes by Michelangelo, Botticelli, and other Renaissance masters. The American company have a special arrangement with The Vatican Museum to print just 600 copies in English for sale at £16,500.

Sistine chapel Cristo Giudice e Santi2Manuela Roosevelt, Callaway’s Editorial Director praised the Norton team : “Tony and his team demonstrated a clear love of art, and an understanding of our brief. They devised a thoroughly researched and ingenious plan for implementing the Callaway brand strategy and this exclusive work across media channels in these challenging times.”

Tony Norton, CEO for Norton PR, said: “it’s very rare that a project like this comes along. The beauty and impact of this book is simply off-the-scale. Most of us know some of the famous images (such as the finger of God reaching out to the hand of Adam) but for the first time, we get to see the work from Michelangelo’s point of view. Every brush stroke and tiny detail that you cannot usually see is there right in front of you. We are thrilled to be involved in getting this magnificent work in front of a global audience”.