Olpro plants more than 3,800 trees as initiative grows

Olpro in wood

Camping equipment company Olpro has planted 3,862 trees during the first year of its new tree planting initiative.

From January 2021, the outdoor brand pledged to plant one tree for each Olpro tent or awning that was sold on its website. The Worcestershire company has since contributed to reforestation projects across the world, including projects in Madagascar, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Uganda and Kenya.

As part of the company’s collaboration with ‘Ecologi’, Olpro has also offset 11.31 tonnes of carbon with projects that include preserving Amazonian rainforest in Brazil, protecting and restoring forests in Papua New Guinea and producing renewable wind energy in Bulgaria.

Olpro is continuing its tree planting initiative in 2022. The initiative is being expanded to include planting a tree for the sale of each of OLPRO’s all-new range of Backpacks that are launching in early March.

Daniel Walton, Founder of Olpro said: “We’re absolutely delighted with the early impact of our tree planting initiative! Everybody has enjoyed following our progress throughout the year, from staff to customers, and we can’t wait to see what more we can achieve in the year ahead.”

“By including our new range of backpacks within the tree planting initiative, we expect to see Olprohave an even greater impact on positive environmental projects taking place across the world and that’s something we’re all very proud of.”