NWedR and NWBL calendar competition ‘March Winner’ – Natural Environment for Business Competition 2020

Promotional Business Feature

Invoco were thrilled to have been chosen to feature on the March page in the ‘Celebrating North Worcestershire’ 2020 calendar – so much so, that we managed to rope Vikki, our sales manager, into ordering a few props and taking on the photoshoot for our slot! Every entry was great, and we want to congratulate everyone for taking part. The PR that the team at NWBL have given us has been really helpful for us, especially being a small business.

Our entry for the calendar competition was ‘Not only does North Worcestershire have its own natural beauty, the network of businesses that are based here work together seamlessly, and their combined effort creates its own kind of beauty that is often hard to find. Invoco is extremely proud to be a part of the North Worcestershire.’ We’ve always loved the sense of community here, so writing this up definitely didn’t take us long!

Jeremy has been working in the telecoms industry for over 25 years, many of which were spent working for the big telecom companies, so it wasn’t until he set up Invoco in 2002 that he experienced what it was like to be a business customer on the other side of the fence. Talk about frustrating! Slow to respond. Expensive. Locked into inflexible, long-term contracts. And poor customer service to boot! Exactly what a start-up business doesn’t need. And unfortunately, things are still largely the same now. Jeremy set up Invoco Telecom with one aim: to create the kind of telecom company that he would want to be a customer of.

17 years later, Invoco now consists of 11 team members, working with clients across the UK, dedicated to helping our customers get the most out of our call tracking, hosted telephony, virtual numbers and landlines. We now also offer call management, call recording, CRM integrations, online dashboards and sales leader boards so that our customers can be more productive every day.

If you are ready for a change, a contract is coming to an end or you’re looking at how you can effectively track the returns on your marketing then we’d love to hear from you! Any suggestions on how we can improve our services to save you time and make your life easier are also welcomed. Please get in touch at:

  • Email: sales@invoco.net
  • Tel: 0800 852 7000

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