Norton Motorcycles launches Solihull-made V4SV – the definitive British superbike


Norton Motorcycles has launched the re-engineered V4SV – the ultimate British superbike.

Inspired by Norton’s 100 years of racing prowess and success at the Isle of Man TT, the new V4SV will be the only British designed and built superbike in production in the UK.

Priced at £44,000, the Norton V4SV will be built at Norton’s recently opened multi-million-pound factory in Solihull, Birmingham.

Norton will prioritise the deposit orders placed before TVS acquired the company in April 2020.

Dr. Robert Hentschel, CEO of Norton Motorcycles, said: “Two years ago, Norton inherited the V4 – a bike imagined on the track but born for the road.

“Over the last 18 months we have worked tirelessly putting this machine through our new world-class facilities in Solihull to proudly deliver on our promise to Norton owners.

“Thanks to TVS investing £100 million in Norton, and us subsequently investing wisely in our engineering processes and brand-new manufacturing base, we have ensured barely a part hasn’t been improved on from the bike we inherited.

“The V4SV is unlike anything on the market today, by design, but its everything you expect in a bike built by unapproachable Norton. Short gearing and engaging power make this a perfect bike for the road.

“This is the ultimate British superbike that will challenge and excite riders from the moment they get on the bike to the moment they get off. It is undoubtedly a beautiful piece of art.

“We are incredibly proud of what we have produced given the challenges we have faced getting it to the start line.

“Importantly, this new Norton V4SV marks just the first step on our exciting vision for the brand.”