Niche vehicle R&D projects to share £2.4 million funding pot

Photo shows: Pashley's tilting bike
Pashley assisted e-cargo trike

The Niche Vehicle Network, has revealed 10 new R&D projects which will share £2.4 million in funding in a competition supported by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) in Coventry.

And three of them come from across the region.

The Niche Vehicle Network promotes R&D collaboration to enable niche companies to react to new regulations, innovate and share knowledge and gain an economy of scale that will allow growth in the lucrative overseas markets,

The winners include:

  • A project called Acrim II led by Chippenham-based Carbon Threesixty Ltd, is working on a range extending and performance enhancing lightweight wheel for small to medium sized electric vehicles.

Lightweight composite wheels have, until now, been reserved for high-end luxury or performance sports cars. ACRIM II will buck this trend. Reducing rotating and unsprung mass has a measurable and significant impact on the efficiency and performance of a vehicle.

Preparing the innovative and lightweight last mile delivery e-trike designed under the ALECS PoC project for production. The resulting product will deliver a safe, zero emission, efficient last mile delivery vehicle with a configurable multi-function platform, creating a significant market opportunity.

  • iEV Motor Family – PCB Hairpin Winding. Andover-based iNetic has designed and developed ready for production a range traction motors for a wide range of electric vehicle applications.

The motors were designed with a very clear cost down journey consisting of 3 distinct steps, 1 & 2 are complete, this application is for step 3. With each step cost is removed from the BOM and the motor becomes more attractive to volume customers.

Gareth Deakin, Senior Project Delivery Lead at the APC, said: “Supporting the development of cutting-edge low carbon vehicle technology is crucial to the UK’s net zero ambitions and the APC is extremely pleased to be continuing the support of the NVN Production Readiness programme. This year we are funding an even greater number of exciting projects due to the introduction of a pilot ‘Fast Track’ programme and we hope to see the collaborations benefitting from a near seamless move from the Proof of Concept programme to the next challenge of Production Readiness. The technologies developed within these projects will make great strides in bringing the latest innovations to the next generation of niche vehicles and beyond.”