New trade body for ITAM industry makes first board appointments

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The newly launched professional body for the advancement of the global IT Asset Management industry has held its first management role elections. At its Inaugural General Meeting in Swindon, The ITAM Forum, pointed Melody Ayeli as Chair.

Melody Ayeli has been appointed Chair. Melody is Chief Product Owner, Head of IT Asset & Configuration Management at Toyota in Texas, USA.

Melody said: “Throughout my career, I have been passionate about applying new technologies to modernize and bring additional value to the enterprise. This interest led me to gravitate towards ITAM throughout my career and is why the ITAM Forum appealed to me. ITAM programs can provide significant contributions to any organization, but most still fall short of leveraging it properly or giving it the executive-level attention it deserves.

With the onset of digital transformation in recent years, IT has truly become the beating heart of many businesses. In fact, many modern businesses are IT businesses at heart. Their technology is how they differentiate themselves from competitors and is where they focus their R&D budget. Yet without proper management of these IT assets, organizations can be throwing away significant amounts of their money, while also taking on additional security, compliance, and legal risks. In the case of software, studies show that companies typically waste one third of their entire software budget. Can you imagine any other part of a business where it would be tolerated to waste one third of the budget? Part of the problem is that this risk and over-expenditure is not often prioritized by and made visible to the right levels of leadership to proactively support ITAM programs, until they are forced to address it by internal or external factors.

Through my work with the ITAM Forum, I look forward to raising awareness of the benefits of ITAM and working with our board and partners to launch the first organizational certification for ITAM.”

Ron Brill was appointed Vice Chair. Ron is President & Chairman of the Board at San Francisco-based Anglepoint.

ITAM exists to encourage more companies to practice ITAM, attract new professionals into the industry and to promote best practice.

Martin Thompson, founder of the ITAM Forum stated, “ITAM teams enjoy more seniority and board level exposure than ever before. Research by The ITAM Review in 2018 suggested that ITAM teams reporting into the CXO has increased from 17% in 2011 to 37% in 2018. That is a staggering shift in such a short time. ITAM is moving out of the shadows because more companies are recognising that the smart management of assets is a shrewd business practice which delivers benefits far beyond IT. ITAM therefore has a rightful place outside of the niche IT/ITSM domain from where it started, and as a boardroom priority in its own right. The ITAM Forum is here to help it achieve this goal, by raising the profile of the ITAM discipline as much more than a compliance exercise and demonstrating its value to every organisation looking to better manage its assets.”